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Deepak Bansal

Founder, MQ Learning

Deepak is a passionate explorer of the question "what it means to be human" and aspires to blend logic, relations, and values for a more integral personal and professional world. He has over 15 years of executive experience, speaks English, German, and Spanish, and holds 3 degrees : MTech (India), MBA (Switzerland), and MA (Philosophy, USA).

Dr. Stefan Bodenstab

Stefan believes that conscious knowledge and awareness of our values and their relative importance empowers us in our lives, professionally and privately. He holds a Master of Science, a Ph.D., a Business degree (M.B.A.), and a Master in Nutrition (M.Nutr.)

Dr. Sarita Sehgal

Sarita Sehgal is a partnering and development professional with over 20 years of UN, NGO, and private sector experience in Europe and Africa. A former professional ballet dancer, she holds a PhD in Commitment in Cross-Sector Partnerships at the University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business (GSB).

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    MQ Learning Academy is certified by eduQua, the certifying body of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning.


    Each MQ Learning training program includes at least one case study. These, and other resources, help you apply key take-aways from the training to your own unique context.


    Our feedback speaks for us. More than 96% of program attendees say they will recommend MQ Learning Academy to their colleagues.

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